Many people are attracted to vaping when trying to give up smoking cigarettes, and there is plenty of choices available of types of devices and flavours of e-liquid you can use. The vast amount of choice attracts many people to vaping, including those who just want to try the delicious flavours and vape nicotine-free e-liquids. However, there are some strange and unconventional flavours available in e-liquids if you look, and some of the flavours below may excite or terrify your tastebuds.


Many people like the taste of butter, and it is common to have this spread on toast and other breaded items or a jacket potato. However, someone came up with the idea that butter flavour vape juice was needed and concocted a recipe to sell to the masses. People have tried this and left reviews online, and it is said to have a buttery taste, but it is also sweet and creamy, and although not too bad, this will not be a popular choice with the masses.


You may love the taste of seafood, but do you desire the taste of fish in your vaping device? Someone must do as they came up with a recipe for tuna flavour vape juice to satisfy all seafood lovers, and some people have tried this flavour. The reviews seem to say that it has a strong tuna smell, but the taste is quite weak, which may be a good thing, but I would not expect to see this on the top of the flavour charts anytime soon.


Sticking with the seafood theme, there has also been a recipe for crab flavour vape juice, which is not something that springs to mind when asked what flavour juice would you like? Although this flavour is no longer available, thankfully, the reviews do not leave a positive impression, with some likening it to walking through a fish market on a humid day.


Wasabi is a flavour you will be familiar with if you like your Japanese food, and this spicy Japanese radish has a serious kick to it. It is a popular accompaniment for sushi, and the makers of this vape juice stated you should try it with your sushi, but you do not need chopsticks. Who knows why they decided to make this recipe vape juice, but it seems not many people like the idea, so not many have tried it.


Many people love the taste and smell of bacon, and it is a breakfast staple for many people in the UK. However, someone has also decided to incorporate the taste of bacon into their vape juice, with mixed reviews. The concept sounds good, but reading the reviews online, it seems that the taste is not there, and it gives more of a hint of bacon than a taste.

These are some of the stranger flavours of e-liquids you can get, and you can click here to find some more. You can also create your own recipes and concoctions and see if you can come up with something more bizarre for your vaping device.

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