ST. LOUIS — The suspect in the burglary of Yeti Gaming in Crestwood was charged with three felonies.
St. Louis County charged Nicholas Garrison, 24, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, with three felonies. The burglary happened on Oct. 10, 2021.

Garrison was charged with: Burglary 2nd Degree, a Class D Felony; Stealing $750 or more, a Class D Felony; and Property Damage 1st Degree, a Class E Felony.

The court set the bond at $50,000, cash-only, no 10% authorized. Crestwood Police said that the items stolen from Yeti Gaming were Pokemon cards and merchandise.

The suspect shattered windows and display cases. A total repair value of over $2,000, is the estimation of damages. Approximately $12,000 in stolen merchandise.

Blood droplets inside the store were a DNA match to a known DNA sample of the defendant.
Garrison admitted to entering the store illegally. He said he took the merchandise because he needed money.

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