ST. LOUIS – A south St. Louis resident says she was left high and dry by the Missouri Department of Social Services Children’s Division.

Katrena May says she agreed to keep a child for 10 days, but now, 5 months later, she still has him. She says she doesn’t mind caring for the child, but she’s getting no financial help from social services.

“I don’t mind taking care of the child, just need financial assistance to help with him,” she said.

FOX 2 obtained a letter from May’s caseworker that said, “Please be advised that [the child] has been residing in the home of Ms. Katrena May since the initiation of a safety plan due to a child abuse neglect report.”

May said she has a tough time getting phone calls returned from the caseworker. When FOX 2 called the caseworker, May said she got a call back in minutes.

May said that the caseworker was angry that she called FOX 2 into the case. The caseworker told May that she would reach out to us to let us know about that. We never received a call.

May said the caseworker also stated that the state Department of Social Services did not have enough funds to assist everyone.

She expressed her thoughts about the phone call from the caseworker.

”I kind of got upset. I got upset because nothing being done,” May said. “This is why it’s hard for kids; people don’t want to take kids because of this situation.”

FOX 2 contacted the spokesperson for the Department of Social Services, who said in a statement, “A family is only eligible for reimbursement for certain expenses if a child is in Children’s Division custody. There are situations where a family may be involved with the children’s division, but the child is not technically in children’s division custody.”

The spokesperson said that while the child may not be eligible for reimbursements, there may be other help available. May said anything would help.


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