ST. LOUIS – St. Louis police are investigating car break-ins at entertainment venues over the weekend. At Enterprise Center on Sunday, some people said they were taking extra measures because of the recent break-ins before heading to the Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock show.

“I park where it’s 20 bucks. I think the 20 bucks is where you should park. I mean, maybe you get a rental car, and it’s not a big deal, but if it’s your car, a $750 window, oh, $20 not so bad,” Andres Broussard said.

For Broussard, the cost of parking in a garage is much less of a headache than worrying about a break-in.

“You have to pay to park. That’s just the cost you have to factor in. With the ticket, going out to dinner, all that stuff costs, you have to pay. There’s no free ride. Even with parking, if you want it to be secure and safe,” he said.

St. Louis police are looking into break-ins at The Grove, Delmar Hall, and City Foundry. Officers claim they heard gunshots in a parking lot while investigating break-ins at The Foundry. They say a person leaned out of a car and fired a rifle in the direction of three teens and two officers. The teens took off running.

When officers caught up with the teens, a police spokesperson says they found two handguns, one of which had been reported stolen. One of the guns also had an auto sear, which turns the handgun into a fully-automatic weapon.


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