ST. LOUIS – Local highways and streets flooded this week during two unprecended events. But, our reporting shows that the roads often flood when it rains. Sometimes first responders can be seen wading through the water to clear drains.

Historic rainfall on Tuesday resulted in flash flooding across the St. Louis region, damaging homes and businesses alike. Rising water closed several interstates, leaving commuters stuck in traffic and forcing drivers to seek alternate routes in the region. Then it appened again on Thursday.

The Missouri Department of Transportation said the unprecedented rainfall caused the interstates to flood. Indeed, the National Weather Service recorded an average of 8.64 inches of rainfall in the St. Louis area.

However, FOX 2 found stories from the past two months of flooding on interstates in St. Louis City during non-historic rain events. (Note: We may not have published stories of flooding on days where the average precipitation was higher than the dates we’ve identified.)

Earlier this month, thunderstorms dropped an average of 0.22 inches of rain on St. Louis. The July 8 rain event forced MoDOT crews to close one lane of traffic on I-64 near Vandeventer.

On Wednesday, June 8, MoDOT closed eastbound I-70 at Union Boulevard in north St. Louis early that morning due to flooding. The average rainfall that day was 0.42 inches, according to the NWS.

MoDOT reported flash flooding on three interstates on May 21. That day saw an average of 1.59 inches, the highest reported total for the month. As a result, southbound I-55 was closed past Arsenal due to high water and stalled vehicles at Potomac. I-64 was backed up at Jefferson due to water over some of the roadway, reducing westbound traffic to just one lane. And at least one lane of eastbound I-44 was closed past Big Bend in Kirkwood due to flooding.

Just two days prior, the National Weather Service reported an average of 0.2 inches of rainfall. Drivers were left stranded in south St. Louis thanks to flooding on I-55 at Loughborough. First responders could be seen wading into the water to clear the drains.

FOX 2 attempted to contact the Missouri Department of Transportation on Wednesday, July 27, to inquire about the reasons for the flooding with such low precipitation averages. They were unable to provide someone for comment.

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