ST. LOUIS – Recently, TikTok users have been making videos about #QuietQuitting, but the trend’s name can be misleading.

Career coach Allison Peck, who has over 430,000 followers on TikTok, said quiet quitting is when people coast at work. They aren’t putting their 100 percent effort into work.

“People are not going above and beyond at work anymore. They’re saying “if you’re going to pay me the minimum, that’s the kind of work you’re going to get out of me,” Peck said.

Ashley Herd is the founder of Manager Method. She said quiet quitting means “people are burnt out, so they’re not actually quitting their jobs, but they’re quitting going above and beyond so they’re not letting their job take over their life.”

TikTok user Claudia Alick addressed the trend in a video.

“It’s not quiet quitting, it’s just resisting wage theft,” Alick said.

Some people on TikTok say quiet quitting is a response to burnout.

“After burnout comes “quiet quitting.” You will focus your time on the things you do outside of the office. You will show up to work and do the minimum required but not much else. You will not go extra,” workplace wellness consultant Sumana Jeddy said.

Other people dislike the name of this trend saying that it’s not quitting at all.

“It’s doing your job as required and not being taken advantage of,” TikTok user Jenny Hartz said in a comment on Jeddy’s video.


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