ST. LOUIS — This is our first major winter storm of the season, and our first white Christmas since 2017. But what do St. Louisians do on a snow day?

Fox2Now posted on our Facebook page to get suggestions from viewers on what they do on a snow day. 

Staying home

When bad weather hits in the winter, some people say they don’t venture outside. They stay indoors to avoid the cold and enjoy each other’s company. Some are watching Christmas movies, munching on treats, and even doing housework!

  • “Stay in and keep warm,” says Rita W.
  • Liz C said, “I created a to-do list for myself and the kids. We don’t have anywhere to go, so we might as well clean! They’re not overjoyed, lol.”
  • K. Michelle said, “I’m on vacation, so I’m preparing cookies for Christmas Eve and binge-watching something!”
  • “Make a simmer pot, some hot chocolate, and popcorn, take a huge blanket, and spend the day watching movies,” said Harvey N.
  • “Watch a Christmas Hallmark movie,” suggests Rae L.
  • “Clean the house, complete Christmas shopping, be a parent, and remain warm,” says Amber N.
  • “Watch Christmas movies with grandson,” says Tom D. 
  • Venessa D said, “Grilled cheese and family boardgames. Indoor snowball fight with plastic snowballs.”

Christmas Baking

Some people are aware that they need to get ready for Christmas parties with family and friends. This prompts some people to rush to finish their Christmas baking before the deadline.

  • Debbie O. said, “Cooking Chili and Honey Jalapeo Corn Bread.”
  • Audrey R said, “Clean and bake! Making bread, lemon pound cake, and cleaning before we depart for Tennessee with my husband’s family on Christmas Day!”
  • Lisa A. says, “I’m finishing up baking Christmas cookies and making candy.”
  • Charisa M. said, “Bake!!! And wrap gifts!”

Last-Minute Shopping

Despite repeated warnings and heads-up from various sources about the impending winter storm, some locals continue to wait until the last minute to stock up on food and buy gifts for their loved ones for Christmas.

  • Drew P. says, “Go Christmas and grocery shopping like everyone else.”
  • “I’d be shopping for presents and groceries, but I’m working,” Robin L. says.
  • Amy R said, “Purchase bread, milk, and eggs. People appear to require French toast whenever it may snow.”
  • Erin C. said, “This morning, I already went to Sam’s for food and gas. We’ll stay in and bake some cookies.”


Some of us, like the news, cannot rest. We had to continue working despite the bad weather.

  • Beth E. said, “Go to work as if the roads aren’t covered in ice and snow, since they don’t care.”
  • Ashley N said, “Work. I’m always working.”
  • Paul S says, “I leave for work… What are days off?”
  • “I work from home in my PJs,” says Sarah W.

Playing in the Snow

Those who can go out and play in the snow. Which is enjoyable provided they do not get hurt and there is sufficient snow for them to play in.

  • Gina W. is playing outside. “Wait with bated breath! Build snow angels, snowmen, and a sled!”
  • Christopher S says, “Enjoy the snow outside. It’s becoming increasingly rare in St. Louis.”
  • Chad L said, “When I come home, I’ll plow snow, eat chili, and tow kids around behind the 4 wheeler and keep the fire blazing.”
  • “If it’s not too cold, I’ll ride the Metrolink downtown to the arch grounds and capture some snow shots of my beautiful city,” said Dominike D.

Feeding everyone:

Some locals enjoy making sure everyone has plenty to eat. Even the outer birds are affected.

  • Jeannette B. said, “I’m making spaghetti and meatballs and putting out bird feed for the birds.”
  • Pamela W, said, “Oh sure! I have bird seed to distribute.”
  • Gail R. says, “Finish my Christmas preparations for Belgian guests who will be traveling in and spending Christmas with us.”
  • Karen M. said, “Cooking beef stew or chili in the crockpot allows everyone to have something hot whenever they want. Bake cookies, curl up beneath the covers, read, and eat.”

Leaving the State

It’s possible for some people to avoid the elements entirely. They’re moving out of state. For some, leaving the state is only a pipe dream.

  • Laura M. said, “I went to Florida yesterday.”
  • Jackie Y. said, “I sit and wish I could go back to Hawaii.”
  • Connie M. said, “I’m glad I moved to Florida and no longer have to worry about snow day arrangements.”
  • Laura D. said she was “watching “Ticket to Paradise” and planning to become a seaweed farmer in Bali!” 


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