What is your favorite comfort food? “Tomato soup. That’s such a grandma thing to say, but I’ve always loved tomato soup. I make my own from scratch.”

Whose advice do you trust the most? “My mom’s. I genuinely don’t want anybody else’s advice except for hers.”

How do you shake off a 
bad mood? “I put things in perspective; I zoom out mentally, like, ‘Compared to whatever else is going on in the world right now, does this seem that significant?’ ”

What book made you fall in love with reading? “It’s called Dear Nobody: The True Diary of Mary Rose. It’s a true story, this girl writing in her diary about growing up; she had to deal with sickness and her mother’s boyfriend, who was abusive. I finished it in three days.”

What’s the screen saver on your phone? “Great question, because I just changed it! It’s three entities, or souls, kind of dancing around and there’s a pink background and a sign above them that says, ‘Your soul is what makes you attractive.’ ”


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