KANSAS CITY — The urban legend of a decomposing body stashed in a hotel room has been around for decades. It turned out to be true at one Missouri hotel nearly two decades ago.

In 2003, a person staying at the Capri Motel in Kansas City, Missouri, complained about a smell in his room. When he initially came, he complained about the smell, and four days later, he checked out of the hotel because he could no longer stand to be there.

The cleaning crew eventually found a body in the room and reported it to the police.  It was discovered hidden in the box spring underneath the bed, which had been covered up by wooden panels.

The body of the deceased person had been in that area for several days before it was discovered. It is not clear if the victim was ever identified or if a suspect was found in this case.

This is a piece of Kansas City folklore that, according to FOX 4, a number of the city’s people would like not to have. The Kansas City police department decided in 2015 that the Capri motel was a “magnet for crime.” The following year, the motel was torn down.


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