FENTON, Mo. – Thursday’s mix of frigid conditions and light snow left some highways slick and covered with ice into the early-evening hours.

Some drivers tells FOX 2 it’s taking them almost double the amount of time it normally takes to get to their desired destination. That includes truck driver Donald Greenhouse, who waited out the storm along Interstate 44 in Fenton after leaving Chicago at 9 a.m. Thursday.

“I got right past St. Louis, and my truck started to jack-knife on the highway. So I got off, and I’ve seen everybody else getting off too,” said Greathouse. 

He said even with driving 40 miles per hour on the highway, he still didn’t feel safe and pulled over.  

“I’m going by temperature and giving the ice time to melt. So maybe 36 hours,” said Greathouse.

Drivers at Wally’s gas station in Fenton said the roads turned dangerous throughout the day. 

“The residential streets are terrible. They’re covered, they’re not plowed, but the highway and the main roads are pretty decent,” said James Brown. He was on the highway for a couple of hours and said luckily he didn’t see any accidents. 

“People are commuting just fine, they’re driving a little slower than normal which is good but for the most part I would say like they always say. If you don’t have to get out in it, stay home. But if you have to get out in it, just be really careful and drive slow,” said Brown. 


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