LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. – One local utility company dealt with a dangerous situation Wednesday night after a tree fell on a utility truck and nearly hit two workers.

Several workers from Cuivre River Electric Company, based in Troy, Missouri, responded to widespread power outages amid severe weather Wednesday afternoon.

As crews responded to various outages, a large tree fell on one of the company’s utility cars. Two CREC linemen were heading to an outage in one of the company’s bigger trucks.

Photos shared by CREC show extensive damage to the vehicles, including shattered windows and a largely-dented hood. Fortunately, neither of two workers were hit by the tree or hurt in the incident.

“CREC linemen face danger on the job daily. They follow strict safety measures to alleviate risk, but there are times when a catastrophic event happens that is simply out of their control,” said the company in a Facebook post. “Thankfully, both of them walked away from the accident and are okay.”

The company shared the post as a reminder of the dangers that first responders and utilities crews could encounter on the job, especially during severe weather. They also urge people to stay patient when crews respond to power outages.

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