FLORISSANT, Mo. – A toddler died in a house fire in Florissant on Wednesday. Firefighters said an entire family was taken to the hospital for injuries, and the toddler was pronounced dead at the hospital from their wounds. 

“I looked over and saw four police cars. Officers searched through the rubble more or less and the scorch marks and blown out windows and everything like that,” said Tim Rogers. Had no idea what was going on. It’s kind of mind-blowing. Definitely, something I want to review with my son. My son is five, so he’s getting a better grasp on that kind of thing, but a 2 or 3-year-old is going to have trouble remembering those kinds of lessons.” 

Rogers lives across the street from the house that caught on fire Wednesday morning. Firefighters from the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District immediately began searching for a young boy inside the home when they arrived. 

“Multiple crews searched at the same time while another crew made a fire attack to try to find the missing person,” said Jason Hoevelmann, chief for the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District. “Throughout the search, they did find a young boy of two or three years old hiding in a vanity in the bathroom.”

Hoevelmann said reflecting on deadly fires is difficult but teaching young children about fire safety could save a child’s life.

“Start with the real basics. Find an adult or shut the door to your room, get to a window, or get to a door, but certainly don’t hide,” Hoevelmann said. “Yell for help if you can. At that age, it’s just really hard to get those points across and I think the more frequently that a parent or guardian gives those messages on a routine basis hopefully the more successful they’ll be.”

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