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Dive Brief:

  • Thinx is rebranding its line aimed at younger consumers from “Thinx BTWN” to “Thinx Teens,” the period underwear company said Tuesday.

  • Along with the name change, Thinx Teens will be priced lower, available for as low as $16, according to a company press release.

  • Thinx is rolling out an advertising campaign for the brand, which will be sold online on its own website and, later this year, at and

Dive Insight:

Consumer prices have been spiking in recent months — except at Thinx.

After launching a more affordable line to sell at Target a year ago, the company expanded that to Walmart earlier this year. 

The DTC brand is also appealing to young consumers, who tend to value sustainability, by emphasizing the reusability of its underwear, which, per its release, “looks and feels like regular panties while absorbing up to five tampons or two and [a] half regular pads worth of flow. They are easy to wear and wash, intuitive to use, and keep new menstruators fresh and dry, all while helping the planet.”

But its ad sticks to more traditional themes, addressing the awkwardness felt by many teens dealing with their first periods — as a big sister steps in to save her younger sibling from the well-meaning if cringeworthy help their mother is offering. The spot was directed by actor-director Pamela Adlon.

“I am surprised by how taboo period talk still is. I was drawn to this project to help normalize this dialogue and remind everyone that it’s a natural thing that billions of people experience,” Adlon said in a statement. “And it’s critical we offer our new generation of menstruators alternative period care options, including sustainable period underwear like Thinx Teens.” 

Thinx gained some advantage in the period underwear wars in February when consumer products giant Kimberly-Clark, maker of Huggies, Kleenex and Kotex, acquired a majority stake, three years after making a minority investment.

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