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It’s been another week with far more retail news than there is time in the day. Below, we break down some things you may have missed during the week and what we’re still thinking about. 

From Ugg’s Feel House pop-up to Digital Brands Group’s stock split, here’s our closeout for the week.

What you may have missed

Petco teams up with Nationwide to expand pet health offerings

Building on its position as a health and wellness destination, Petco on Thursday announced a multi-year partnership with Nationwide to provide pet insurance.

The insurance offerings, expected to become available next year, will focus on pet care from Petco’s pharmacies, veterinary hospitals or clinics, and other health programs like the retailer’s Vital Care program. Preventative care like vaccinations and unexpected medical needs are included in coverage.

“Receiving the medical support pets need throughout their lives is critical for both pets and their families,” Jenny Wolski, Petco’s senior vice president of omnichannel customer experience, said in a statement. “The customized, data-driven pet insurance solutions we’re developing in partnership with Nationwide will be designed to expand families’ access to Petco’s full range of pet care services, giving them longer and healthier lives together.”

The news comes just days after online pet retailer Chewy announced a partnership with Lemonade to provide pet insurance to consumers.

Targeting its pro customers, Lowe’s introduces ‘playbook’ 

After bringing back its PROvember sales event, Lowe’s on Wednesday rolled out its “PROvember Playbook,” a guide geared toward its professional customers.

A man using a saw with the words "Lowe's PROvember Playbook" above.

The Lowe’s PROvember Playbook is a guide for professionals.

Courtesy of Lowe’s


The company found that 86% of professionals found inflation a major problem this year and two-thirds expecting it to persist long term, Lowe’s said the guide will feature advice from Lowe’s Pro Ambassadors about “making the most with their money.”

The home improvement retailer kicked off its month-long sales event on Thursday, featuring extra savings on tools and materials from DeWalt, Metabo HPT and FLEX; the ability to secure bonus rewards points on purchases; and access to dedicated associates trained to assist this customer segment.

“We know Pros have a lot of challenges to navigate this winter, so we are deepening our dedication through Lowe’s PROvember,” Tony Hurst, senior vice president of Pro, services and international, said in a statement. “As a true business partner for Pros, we are listening to their needs and adding more value and more meaning to what we offer our Pros so they can get ahead of another busy year.

Digital Brands’ 1-for-100 reverse stock split

After going public last year, Digital Brands Group is planning a reverse stock split that would combine every 100 shares of its common stock into a single share. 

The reverse-stock split is a common move by companies with low share prices to stay in compliance with stock markets. Earlier this year, Nasdaq notified Digital Brands it would delist the company’s shares because they didn’t meet the market’s requirements, but Nasdaq granted Digital Brands an extension until Jan. 17 to comply. 

Digital Brands, which has continued to rack up losses since its IPO, is still working to close on its acquisition of apparel brand Sundry, announced at the beginning of this year. The company last said it expects to close the deal in November, after the sellers agreed to a major reduction in cash and stock in the sale price.

Shopify third-quarter revenue rises 22%, plans on “becoming profitable again” 

Following a second-quarter report showing a $1.2 billion net loss, e-commerce company Shopify came back in Q3 with a smaller $158 million loss and a 22% jump in revenue year over year to $1.4 billion, according to a press release Thursday.


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