ST. LOUIS — There are some telltale signs that someone is from the St. Louis area. The region is nearly 8,500 square miles and covers parts of Missouri and Illinois. Nearly three million people call the place home. How can you tell someone is from there without asking? Many of them like thin pizza, but there have to be other ways of telling. We asked our Facebook fans and got some interesting responses.

“They have experienced the need for both the heater and air conditioner in one day,” Jessica shared.

Many responded with the never-ending question “So where’d you go to high school?”

Johnathan said, “Play some Nelly and see if they do the chickenhead dace.”

“They wouldn’t know a good pizza if it fell in their lap,” Anthony revealed.

“I can tell if they got on a Cardinals or a Blues shirt,” states Dominike.

“They enjoy the oppressive humid heat,” Tara said.

Nicole said “The pronunciation of here & there *Hurr, Thurr.*”

Ryan sees a lot of expired temp tags. “Expired plates if they’re important,” he said.

“They call interstate 64, ‘forty’, ask people where they went to high school, and point at the arch every time they see it,” writes John.

“Because we say ‘I’m just gonna squeeze right past ya’ when your trying to get by,” said Emoly.

“If they serve ‘muska cholly’ at every large gathering!” writes Andy.

“They love for whatever team is playing the Cubs,” states David.

“Listen to them say Gravois, Spoede Road, Highway 40, And the list goes on,” said Joan.

“If they know what pork steaks, toasted raviolis, and IMOs pizza is!” writes Mike.

“If they say ‘Bread Co.’ instead of Panera,” said Kelly.

“If they want some fried jack salmon, spaghetti, and coleslaw on Fridays. Oh! Don’t forget the pickles, onions and hot sauce!!! Delicious,” said Yvette.

“They do rolling stops at stop signs,” states Martha.

“If they make your kid tell them a joke before giving them candy while trick or treating,” said Rachel. 

“It’s Riverport Amphitheater!!!” writes Cindy.

“When some one says . 🫠BesT FAns IN BaSEBall 🙃” – Trey.

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