WILDWOOD, MO—Hidden Valley’s Polar Plunge Tubing Park is officially open. Hidden Valley is without a doubt St. Louis’s hidden gem. 

Snow tubing is similar to sledding, but better. There is no need for sleds because they supply each rider with unique tubes that are fast, safe, and comfortable.

The rules are to simply grab a snow tube and enjoy an exciting day of racing down our specially built tubing routes. It’s a terrific approach to curing the winter blues and getting a different perspective on the snow.

The lanes are kept in high condition by modern SMI fan guns. Two walk-on conveyor elevators will take you and your tube to the top of the hill. Snack bar offering a wide range of food, drinks, and snacks, as well as bonfires to keep riders warm during short pauses.

Purchase tickets here.


  • Each tube has one rider.
  • Rider must sit in the center of the tube.
  • Participants must be able to fit inside the tube with their legs between the grips.
  • There is no Superman.
  • Small children may sit with their legs in the tube, but they must keep their backs against the tube.
  • All competitors must not enter any lane until asked to do so by an official when the lane is clear. No personal sleds, tubes, or dogs are permitted.
  • There are no age restrictions; however, all riders must be able to sit alone in their own tube.
  • Minimum height requirement is 42″. 
  • Closed toe shoes are necessary.


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