Kimberlin Brown (Sheila, B&B)
Your last Emmy nomination was in 1993. Did you ever expect this would happen again? “No. I knew the nominations were coming out but I was so busy. It’s picking season, so I was picking avocados at my ranch. I got that call from Brad [Bell] and I was down in the grove working with my guys. And it just hit me. I really couldn’t be happier.”
What scenes did you submit? “I wanted to tell a story so people could follow it, and it was wonderful when the actors came forward and said, ‘Well, I hope you remember the scene with you at the bar,’ or ‘You were talking to Steffy,’ or ‘With Deacon in the hotel.’ Other actors and the producers came together to help me pool what they believed were really strong scenes. As an actress, I’m my own worst critic so I see things differently, but with the help of everyone on the show talking scenes with me, I was extremely happy. They pointed out things that were classic Sheila — and things that were funny, too. So, it showed a range. I’ve always had incredible storylines but this time coming back, I’ve had such diverse moments and arcs; I was blessed with some phenomenal scenes to submit.”
Now that the Emmys will be back in person, will you be in attendance? “I will be in attendance. Yes! I definitely will. It’s been a long time and it is such an honor to be acknowledged by my colleagues, especially with the caliber of these women.”
Thoughts on the competition? “Oh, I don’t think of this as a competition. I’m just blessed to be included with this talented group of women. That’s what I’m excited about. I can only hope for the best but to be honest, the best has already happened.”

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH)
What did you submit this year? “Well, I had one show [that I felt was worthy]. There has not been a lot of activity for Alexis for the last few years, but they did honor me for my 25th anniversary, so when they said, ‘What do you want to submit?’ I said, ‘Well, you can throw that in the ring, and if that works, great.’ ”
You were creatively involved in that Alexis-centric episode as more than just an actor. Does that make the nod feel more meaningful? “Phideaux Xavier, who directed it, really put his time into this and allowed me to be part of the creative process — rethinking things, adjusting things — and that was very meaningful to me. So, yes, it’s nice to get a pat on the back for that. It feels like there is justice in putting in your time and experience and getting to be a certain age and still being validated. I feel gratitude for that. That’s important. I thoroughly appreciate it.”
Would you prepare a speech or wing it if you won? “I’m a person who thinks if you have a moment and a mic, you shouldn’t wing it. I’m not one to make a giant thank-you list, either. If I’m there and I happen to win and I say something, I hope it will matter to other people more than me. I’m a mindful person, for the most part. It’s when I speak off the cuff that I get myself into trouble! But if people are going to watch you say something for winning an award for having the best job ever, I think you should say something that will benefit somebody else.”
You gave your last Emmy to your daughter. Anyone putting in requests for this one? “[Laughs] No. This time, it would be for all women who have lived to be productive in what they do and deserve to be acknowledged, rewarded and seen for it.”

Stacy Haiduk (Kristen/Susan, DAYS)
How did you find out you were nominated? “I was at work, and I got a call from Lia [Maiuri]. She sent me a text first that said, ‘Call me ASAP.’ My first instinct was, ‘Oh, God! What did I do?’ Then I called her up and she said, ‘Congratulations.’ I was like, ‘For what?’ She said, ‘The Emmys.’ I knew it was happening, but I didn’t hear anything. So I thought it didn’t work out. It was later in the day this time around.”
What was your reaction? “I was thrilled. I was so happy. When you work so hard and people finally get to see some of your work and say, ‘Yeah. This is worth an Emmy,’ you go, ‘Yay.’ I feel very blessed and very grateful.”
What scenes did you submit? “It was the stuff with Brady and Kristen, where he breaks up with her and she’s crushed. She begs him not to leave her and go to Chloe. I made a conscious effort to pick something short because you don’t want it to go long, and be as impactful as possible.”
Are you excited for an in-person Emmys? “Yes. I’m glad it’s live. The others were so isolated. This is a group effort. You’re part of a team. What better than to celebrate with everybody there together. That’s always cool.”
What are you most looking forward to about the ceremony? “Getting to dress up. As much as I don’t like it, I also love it. It’s so much fun just to find the dress and get dressed up. I think that’s what everybody, especially the women, like to do. We only get to do it for work. We rarely get to do it when we go out and about. It’s a special event and I like that.”
Will your husband be your Emmy date? “I don’t know. Maybe my daughter will be. I think she’d like to go.”

Melissa Ordway (Abby, Y&R)
Who did you tell first about your nomination? “Well, I was working on set when I got the news and I had my phone with me because my parents were flying into L.A. at that moment. When we were on a five, I quickly called my husband [Justin Gaston, ex-Chance, Y&R] and said, ‘I can’t talk right now, but I just have to tell you that I was nominated for a Daytime Emmy.’ He was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, congratulations,’ and then I basically hung up on him. I was dying to tell my parents, so I kept sending them text messages and called them like 50 million times, even though I knew their phones were off. When they landed, they saw my ‘Please call me ASAP!’ texts in all capital letters. My dad called me and was worried there was something really wrong. I was like, ‘It’s good news!’ ”
Did you celebrate that night? “We just had pizza with our girls and my parents. A friend dropped off this awesome-tasting cake. It was a nice and quiet celebration.”
Did you enjoy the photo shoot with your fellow Y&R nominees? “It was so much fun. Jordi [Vilasuso, ex-Rey] and Ptosha [Storey, Naya] were there so it was really cool that we could all be together. It was wonderful to see Jordi again and I have met Ptosha before because she would use a dressing room across the hall from mine, so it was nice to spend more time with her at the photo shoot. I would love to see her come back.”
Do you have an idea what you’ll wear to the awards ceremony? “I’m a jeans-and-T-shirt kind of girl, so I usually go with an understated, pretty dress, not anything crazy. But this year, I was thinking I want to do some sparkle or bling and kind of be a little bit more adventurous.”

Kelly Thiebaud (Britt, GH)
This is your first nomination. What does it mean to you? “I feel so honored. The nomination is so special to me. It’s something I’ve always wanted and I appreciate it so much. I think I’m still somewhat in disbelief! ”
How did you learn you’d made the cut? “Frank [Valentini] called me and said something like, ‘What are you doing today?’ I said, ‘I’m at work, don’t you know that?’ And he said, ‘Well, then I guess you’ll have to wait until later to celebrate. You’ve been nominated for a Daytime Emmy.’ I gasped. I was so shocked and happy. It was glorious!”
How did you celebrate? “Well, that’s a little bit of a depressing story. It was Cinco de Mayo and I already had plans to meet a girlfriend for some margaritas; the nomination just gave me an extra boost to go out and celebrate. And that afternoon, I got rear-ended on the freeway. My neck was hurting slightly so I went to an urgent care and I was there for about three hours. At that point, it was too late to meet up, so I actually didn’t celebrate it at all. But that’s the highs and lows of life, right? An Emmy nomination in the morning, get rear-ended in the afternoon!”
Do you think you’ll be nervous on Emmy night? “Oh, I’m going to be so nervous. If I do win — and it blows my mind that that’s even something to think about — I’m probably going to pee my pants and give a speech that doesn’t make sense! Cynthia [Watros] reminded me, ‘It’s a fun night; just allow it to be that and don’t necessarily make it bigger than what it is.’ That’s what I’m really trying to lean into — just enjoy the ride, and have fun with my peers.”
Where would you put the statuette if you won? “I have a mantel with, you know, available space for an Emmy! I kind of stare at it and imagine having a trophy there. It’s so exciting to think about.”

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