Residents of the most populated Missouri county donate 2% of their earnings a year

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MISSOURI (KSNF/KODE) — A recent study suggests the most generous people in the state of Missouri live in one of the state’s most populated counties.

SmartAsset, a consumer-focused financial information and advice website, ranks St. Louis County as the number one most generous county in Missouri. The City of St. Louis ranked eighth.

The study measured how much people donate by examining tax return data. Each county’s total charitable donations were divided by its total net income to see the amount of money residents in each county donated, relative to their income.

Residents of St. Louis County donate 2.07% of their income a year, the study claims. In the Kansas City metro area, Jackson County residents donate 1.18% of their income.

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In Southwest Missouri, Jasper County ranks as the 17th most generous county in the Show-Me State. Neighboring Newton County almost made the study’s “top 10” list by ranking 11th.

The runner-up for most generous is Platte County, followed by third ranking Boone County, home to the City of Columbia.


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