ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Country music radio station 92.3 FM WIL is asking their Facebook fans to do something nice for St. Louis area teachers. Listeners are helping them fill their school supply lists for the upcoming school year. The station wants people to, “Pick a random list and buy an item or two! Let’s clear these lists!”

Several dozen teachers have posted their lists to the Facebook post. Some of them left comments thanking the radio station and strangers.

“This is so thoughtful of you! I teach second grade! ❤️ Thank you for supporting local teachers,” writes Katie.

“Thank you for doing this! It’s my 18th year but first year teaching second grade. I’ve been expanding my STEM collection and purchasing things to provide full flexible seating for my students next year in my new classroom,” states Christina.

“Thank you so much for supporting us and giving back to children everywhere! They deserve it!” exclaims Amber.

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