ST. PETERS, Mo. – The City of St. Peters is taking a homeowner to court again over too many sunflowers in their yard.

Chris Bank finds himself in the same predicament as when he was first taken to court over his sunflowers in 2021. The case was later dropped by the St. Peters prosecutor.

Bank said he’s having a hard time understanding this.

“They’re still sticking to their side of the story that I’ve got too many sunflowers per grass ratio,” he said. “I guess it’s going to be the same thing as we did last year, go through the whole same process again. It must be very important to the city. I thought there’s much more stuff to be worried about or check out than sunflowers. I didn’t think it would be quite at the top of their list.”

He said he figured there would be different priorities.

“I would have to say the recent flooding in St. Peters, road conditions, more important city kind of stuff than sunflowers,” he said.

FOX 2 reached out to St. Peters Mayor Len Pagano last month on the issue. Pagano said they received complaints from residents about the sunflowers.

“The people been very satisfied with our ordinance that we’ve had for many years, actually, it’s been there for 30 years plus,” Pagano said. “We’re responding to the residents’ request. We don’t allow cars in the front yard. We don’t allow chicken wire. This is St. Peters.”

Bank said he is complying with the city ordinances that require a certain ratio of grass to flowers.

He said he wants this issue to be settled for good.

“I want to get an actual decision from a judge and get this thing settled once and for all, so we’re not doing this a third time again next year,” Bank said.

Bank is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 20.

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