ST. LOUIS — A homeowner is dealing with a sinkhole in front of her north St. Louis home and a broken lateral sewer line.

Sadie Bufford, 85 has been trying to get the attention of officials with no luck.

“I’m an 85-year-old and I don’t need this problem from the city and I’m paying taxes,” said Bufford. “I feel terrible because I pay my taxes. And when I pay taxes, I expect service. I’m not getting service. I’m furious, and I want someone to come out and check this problem for me.”

She said the broken sewer line left a stench in her home on Pamplin Avenue. Bufford called Metropolitan Sewer District, and they came out to take a look.

Bufford then called Alderwoman Pam Boyd to alert her of the situation.

“What happen was MSD started doing construction on Pamplin,” said Boyd. “They tore up Pamplin avenue and dug up the street. MSD wouldn’t take responsibility and put it on the residents who are mostly seniors over there. They never corrected the street.”

She added, “MSD, it was totally MSD.  It never had anything to do with the city it was MSD Correcting the problem and they didn’t correct it.

FOX 2’s You Paid For It team caught up with MSD spokesman Sean Hadley, who said it wasn’t MSD’s problem but rather work the city should have done.

“So we referred it to the City of St. Louis’ Streets Department,” said Hadley. “Honestly, without you calling us this past week, it was just sitting there. When I called over there in the city Streets Department, there was no work order ever created for it. So it was just something that literally did fall through the cracks in regards to the City of St. Louis’ side of it.”

Hadley said that after contacting the Streets Department, the problem has been resolved.

“So with her in this problem, again, you called us. I made a phone call last week,” said Hadley. “We work with the city Streets Department. They got the situation rectified, and they going to go out. Actually, I believe they plated the hole that was out there. I believe they’re supposed to get it fixed within the next week or so.”

Bufford told FOX 2’s Elliott Davis that she is happy to hear the good news.

”I feel really, really good that you have taken the time to help me with this problem,” said Bufford. “I thank God for you because had you not gotten involved with this, it would have been going on and on and on. And now I feel so good that you have helped me with this problem. I appreciate you so very much. I don’t know what I would have done without you. Thank you.”


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