ST. LOUIS – St. Louis’ fire chief shared that his department will follow ‘Cold Weather Operations Guidelines.’

One thing emergency managers are saying to do is to leave your faucet dripping in your house starting Thursday night to prevent your pipes from freezing. However, the fire chief just sent out some updated guidelines for his crews ahead of the snow on the way as well as dangerous wind chills.

Chief Dennis Jenkerson said pumps and hoses will be circulated to keep from freezing. He reminds everyone to park at least 15 feet from hydrants and to never use space heaters in unattended rooms.  

Chief Jenkerson is making sure his crews have enough ice melt in all the fire houses, and changing how they respond to emergencies. They’ll have a couple extra trucks on the scene, so they can cycle firefighters and EMS working in these brutally cold conditions.

While firefighters are packing extra clothes and things, they might need for longer workdays.

AAA is reminding drivers to have your emergency kits ready before this winter blast. They explained that approximately 40% of American drivers do not carry these, but it could save your life. It’s a good idea to have traction aids like sand and salt, an ice scraper, phone chargers, and water and snacks.


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