SAINT LOUIS- After several weeks of middle-of-the-night flyovers, the International Space Station is back to easier to view pass-bys in the evening sky over the Bi-State.

St. Louis has had great views the past three nights, and there are two more good chances this week.

Thursday, July 14, the ISS will pass over St. Louis starting at 9:40pm. It will appear in the west-southwest sky and move to the northwest and then to the northeast before it disappears. It will take about six and a half minutes to cross the sky at a maximum angle of 50 degrees about the horizon. Skies should be clear for this flyover.

On Friday, July 15, the ISS will start to pass over St. Louis at 8:51pm, moving from southwest to northeast. It will fly directly overhead, reaching a max angle of 89 degrees from the horizon. It will take about six minutes and 40 seconds to cross the sky. There will be some clouds for this pass-by, but I think many will still be able to spot the station.

Another longer-duration flyover is expected Saturday, but I think clouds potential rain will hinder the view.

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