FENTON, Mo. – The St. Louis County Republican Central Committee met Monday in Fenton to select a new candidate for St. Louis County Executive. The choice is a former Democrat. 

Mark Mantovani was chosen to replace the party’s winner of the August primary. Katherine Pinner defeated state representative Shamed Dogan but she later announced at the beginning of this month that she is dropping out of the race.   

After the selection of Mantovani was announced Monday, he told the Republican audience it will take more than Republican votes to win the election. 

“The Republican party is not a majority party in St. Louis,” he said.  

During Monday’s meeting, Republicans criticized St. Louis County Executive Sam Page’s response to COVID-19. Republicans also feel more than 30 years of a Democrat holding the position of county executive is enough.   

The St. Louis County Election Board confirmed Pinner’s name has been removed and will not appear on the November ballot. Many Republicans acknowledge the campaign will be uphill but believe Mantovani’s name recognition will help.  

Mantovani said he’s ready to raise money, knock on doors, and communicate with voters.  

“I have to build a staff, I have to find a location and I have a lot of work to do fast,” he said.  

Mantovani and Republican Party officials are expected to head to the St. Louis County Election Board on Tuesday to make the nomination official. 

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