ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Calvin Harris, the chief of staff for St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page, abruptly resigned Wednesday afternoon.

In his resignation letter, Harris said he is stepping down to focus on his family and mental health following the recent death of a close relative.

Harris, who grew up in Ferguson, was appointed as chief of staff back in January of this year. He previously served as the communications director for Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott. Harris also held campaign roles for Nicole Galloway and Mike Bloomberg.

Read Harris’ resignation letter below:

I am resigning from my post in the Page administration effective immediately. I want to thank my beloved colleagues for their dedication and tireless effort to St. Louis County, as well as Dr. Page for entrusting me with this responsibility. Public service is an honorable profession, but it is impossible to pour from an empty cup. Given the recent death of a close relative and upcoming family relocation, it is in the best interest of the County for me to step down from my duties and focus on my family and mental health.

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