ST. LOUIS — Anheuser- Busch is building a new Technical Excellence Center and fixing up the old Busch Technical Training Center. St. Louis Learning & Development gains eight new roles.

It aims to improve performance by closing the gap in technical skills across the country, which is very important for the brewer’s business.

This is part of the brewery’s promise to spend $1 billion on its facilities to help local economies.

The program aims to develop technical abilities and train all staff. The brewer’s atmosphere, best-in-class standards, and technical training skills will be used to hire new technicians. This is to make sure that everyone can learn from the expert trainers, who have worked in breweries.

The center teaches people how to do things like control motion, keep electrical systems safe and up-to-date, and support and maintain process equipment, among other things.

At Anheuser-Busch plants all over the country, new training programs are meant to get workers more involved, improve line performance, and cut response and repair times.

Following the success of the program in St. Louis, the brewer plans to bring it to Cartersville and Houston the following year.

This training initiative is part of Anheuser-Busch’s commitment to its 19,000 dedicated workers and to St. Louis, where the brewer was born and raised.

The corporation will invest $50 million in a brewery to boost the city’s economy and create jobs.


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