ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Slick spots were still visible in the headlights of vehicles traveling on westbound Interstate 64 Monday night in St. Charles County. First responders faced numerous crashes Monday morning and are urging drivers to slow down. They are worried about overnight refreezing.

“If you weren’t being careful, you probably lost your car,” said commuter Travis Brooks. He was referring to the multiple crashes he witnessed during his Monday morning commute, from Lincoln to St. Louis counties.

“It looked like people were just driving too fast, hitting black ice left and right.”

Central County Fire & Rescue Deputy Chief Jason Meinershagen said his department responded to dozens of crashes. He asks drivers to slow down and leave additional space between their vehicle and other travelers.

“Be patient with others around you,” Meinershagen said.

St. Charles County Ambulance District spokesperson Kyle Gaines echoed the recommendations. His district responded to approximately 50 crashes and a dozen slips and falls.

“They call it ‘black ice’ for a reason,” Gaines said. “It’s not visible.”

A spokesperson for St. Charles County said all roads in the unincorporated areas have been treated, and the main roads are clear. Side roads and some subdivision roads could still be partially covered with snow and ice. Drivers are encouraged to give the chemicals time to work, to slow down, and use caution.


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