ST. LOUIS – With more than two-thirds of their flights canceled on Monday, Southwest Airlines announced they were cutting flights through Thursday.

“Delays,” said Janice Robinson, a traveler from Texas. “Delays, delays. I want to go home. I still to this point don’t know how I’m going to get home.”

“It’s okay, we have family here, we’re lucky for that,” said Bianca Serra, a traveler. “Just hoping to get on the next plane.”

There were reports that the crew’s scheduling system couldn’t keep up with all the canceled flights. This was on top of a winter storm that hit much of the United States, including Chicago and Denver, two of the Dallas-based airline’s busiest transportation hubs.

“First, we waited for a pilot, and then we waited for a stewardess,” said Rosie McClurg. “They were one short and couldn’t leave, and my husband used to work for the airlines. He said that if they don’t get this solved soon, they’re going to cancel the flight.”

“I re-routed and got a flight two or three days down the road,” said Jackson Shea. “Probably should have done that to avoid the hassle. Everyone is doing the best they can. It’s tough.”

The Department of Transportation posted on social media on Tuesday that it was concerned by Southwest’s high number of cancellations and delays and reports of a lack of customer service.

In the DOT’s post, they said they would investigate whether the airline is complying with its customer service plan.

“I think we need to tell people this is not how you handle this,” said Pattie Canter. “There are a lot of people, and I’m not afraid to speak up.”

“I’m so over and done with Southwest, I will never ever,” Robinson said. “I just don’t know how I’m going to be able to find a way home.”


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