ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Another fast moving and very weak weather system will pass well south of St. Louis this afternoon into early this evening. The worst the St. Louis area may see is a few snow flurries. However, our southern communities are in line for a couple of quick hitting light snow and sleet showers between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

These snow bursts will be fast and very patchy. Some communities may see them, while others miss them entirely.

Where is the snow expected to fall? Around a line from Sullivan, Missouri to Carlyle, Illinois. If you are traveling further south into Arkansas or Kentucky or Tennessee, then you will run into much bigger issues.

This does not look anywhere near what hit yesterday afternoon. The worst might be a light dusting with a couple of short term slick spots on any untreated driving/walking surfaces. Overall, I expect this to have limited, if any, impact.


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