David Lautman (Smoltz) credits his on-screen supervisor, Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), with helping him acclimate to GH. “I owe a lot to Nancy,” he declares. “First off, she is an extraordinarily talented actress who has a great habit of making her scene partners look like rock stars, which clearly has been substantiated by her multiple Emmy and Soap Opera Digest Award wins. When I first came on the show she took an immediate liking to me, even proclaiming after I wrapped, out loud for all to hear, ‘I love this guy, we gotta bring him back! He could be like my quirky sidekick.’ I jokingly volleyed back saying ‘That sounds good to me, I’m down for anything, I can do light dusting around the office, organize files, whatever you need, Alexis!’ I think right from the get-go we had great chemistry together and the scenes seemed to click. Part of that could be attributed to the fact that Nancy is really great at making sure we find the time to speed-read our scenes together a bunch of times before shooting, so we really get the rhythm, words and blocking of the scene in our bones.”

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