Michael Mealor (Kyle, Y&R) admits he’s a horrible dancer, but that didn’t stop him from bustin’ some creative moves at Mariah and Tessa’s wedding. “There was one scene, where they needed everybody to be dancing in the background of someone else’s conversation,” the actor sets up. “We were instructed to dance for the entire scene, which is challenging because there’s no music playing. Well, unfortunately, I thought we were only rehearsing, I didn’t know we were actually taping the scene.” That’s when Mealor decided to take action to lighten the mood. “I started doing the Funky Chicken the entire time,” he groans. “Not only that, but I also did the Funky Chicken while going around from every person to person on the dance floor, and since I have very poor dancing skills, I’m sure I looked even more ridiculous. About five minutes later, I realized they had been shooting the entire time. I was so embarrassed.” Thanks to creative editing, signs of Mealor flapping around his co-stars didn’t make it to the air show. Still, he’s not comforted, chuckling, “I’m sure someone can get ahold of that footage for blackmail purposes.”


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