ST. LOUIS – Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) surveyed Warson Woods Monday from the flood damage that was left behind in Rock Hill.

“We’re going to clear the creek out. The concrete channel that fell into the creek, we’re going to get that removed probably as soon as tomorrow,” said Sean Hadley, Public Affairs Manager of MSD. “That’s weather permitting.”

Hadley said MSD crews inspected the walls on both sides of the creek. He said there were no failures found on the eastern wall, but there were trouble spots on the western retaining wall that runs behind the homes on Des Peres Avenue. Hadley said the responsibility for repairing the retaining wall, falls on homeowners and the City of Rock Hill.

“It’s not something MSD owns or maintains. These retaining walls were built with the properties in the 1950s,” said Hadley. “They’re in a flood plain. The people do have flood insurance. We’re working with them as much as we can to try to mitigate the situation. But without an actual stormwater funding source, there’s not a whole lot we can do.”

On Friday, Rock Hill residents met with city officials regarding the issue.

“To make some changes. We can’t keep living like this. My basement flooded twice,” said Jaime Lohr. “My neighbors have all been affected. How much longer can this go on? Something’s wrong.”

“It sounds like there’s some blockage in the drainage pipes themselves. We’re going to try to reach out to MSD, and see if we can at least, in the short term get some of that blockage taken care of,” said Jennifer Yackley, City Administrator of Rock Hill. So, if there’s additional rain, the water will flow through the pipes. In the long term, there is a hodgepodge of gabion walls and concrete walls along the back of their properties, and on the creek. They’re either failing or being undermined. There needs to be a long-term solution for that area of the city.”

Hadley said MSD is willing to discuss solutions for the flood damage.

“With regards to the flood plain manager, it is the city of Rock Hill. We’re willing to sit at the table, and figure out what solutions we can come up with to fix these problems,” said Hadley.


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