ST. LOUIS – I started my broadcast career reading the morning announcements at Wilson Central High School in Wilson, New York. I did not realize it would lead to a four-decade career in radio and television.

I started at KTVI doing Sunday morning segments called “Randy ‘Round Town” where I would report on community events and festivals in St. Louis.

In 1994, I started covering sports, one of the few women doing it at that time.   I interviewed countless St. Louis sports legends and Hall of Famers. Musial, Schoendienst, Gibson, Pujols, McGwire, Hull, Gretzky, Warner, and Bruce just to name a few. Reporting on NFL sidelines from locker rooms, and training camps, to covering Super Bowls, World Series, and a Stanley Cup Championship.  I loved every minute of it.

For the past 23 years, I’ve been “Waking up Your Day” here on FOX 2 News. Helping to get you going or getting the kids off to school. We have shared severe weather and breaking news.

I always strive to present the news in a fair, honest, and relatable way. I hope you saw it that way too. I am stepping away from the anchor desk after 30 years. Not because of a scandal or a contract dispute. This is my choice. My call, my chance to sleep past the middle of the night o’clock.

it’s a chance for me to experience things outside of this morning show. A life that for 23 years started at 2:00 am and ended at my bedtime at 7:00 pm.

Of course, there are so many people want to thank for helping to succeed in this three-decade-long journey at FOX 2. Former General Manager Spencer Koch wanted me to go from the sports office to the morning show. I didn’t want to, I resisted. Obviously, it was the right move, right?

My co-anchor John Pertzborn. I am his “work wife,” colleague, and his friend. We literally can finish each other’s sentences. Don’t get me wrong. We’ve had our dust-ups over the years. But it’s a partnership that just works. Our success as the number one morning show for years running shows that we will indeed be lifelong friends. And yes, we will be having lunch together.

Many thanks to current General Manager Kurt Krueger and News Director Audrey Prwitch. They trusted me and the whole staff to put together six hours of the best morning news in St. Louis. I may be one of the faces of this broadcast but it takes a team to do what we do every day.

I’d like to thank my only child, my daughter, Alex, who was born after I started at KTVI. She has literally shared me with you. Now she and her husband, Camille, get mama all to themselves. And of course, to my husband of 34 years, Brian, who has a light sleeper, was probably awake in by my middle of the night alarm almost as much as I was.

Thank you for the support, the encouragement and the love. Years and of course, for putting up with me when mama didn’t get her afternoon nap now we’ll be able to be spending a lot more time together. Maybe fishing, going to restaurants. Wish us luck.

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