ST. LOUIS – On Sunday, students and the community came together to heal nearly two weeks after a tragic shooting at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School. Students who organized the event said they wanted to be around each other to share laughter and joy together again as they try to heal.

Rayquan Strickland said he began planning the rally the day after tragedy struck his school.

“God placed this on my heart for unity. He placed it on my heart for healing and for peace,” he said. “Oh my gosh, I was feeling so many different emotions throughout the week, but this has granted my peace.”

“A lot of my peers are saying that being around the family CVPA is bringing them healing and bringing us back together, and I feel the same way,” student Taneyia Ingram said.

She is another one of the organizers and said this was a way for everyone to heal, together.

“Seeing Alexzandria’s mom on stage doing the wobble with us. Joining us. It really made me feel like we did something and it really brought me joy and happiness. It really made me feel great to see all the families together,” Ingram said.

Teachers, police officers, students, and the families of Alexzandria Bell and Jean Kuczka were all out at the rally to signify the theme – A Family Undivided.

“We had the relationship where she felt like she could say anything and everything to me where she didn’t have hide anything about her and I thank God that I got to experience that with her,” student Keisha Acres said.


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