PI APP|Let’s learn how to sign up for pi network easily full steps on your android/ios
also, we will understand 
phase 3 of pi also about the new version of the brainstorming app.

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Hello, welcome to my first
pi network update in 2021, roughly four
months ago during August 2020
, I personally discovered looked into and
eventually signed up for the pi network.

 And as I mentioned in
my original pi Network Review that
you can find it by clicking on the card up here. Back then, I pointed out that we
don’t know yet if the project will actually succeed and if it will have value
or not. And during those four months that I’ve now been part of a pi network a lot of progress has been
made during my signup, there were roughly
7 million pi network users
by now there are more than 10 million people signed up for the pi network. Y
ou can
monitor your data by using the raspberry pi network easily.

After I signed up the pi
network core team also paid for 100,000 KYC verification
slots at UT and I
was lucky enough to be able to complete my KYC process. Shortly after party the network reached 10 million users to decision was made to half the mining rate,
which means it provides or introduces scarcity and gives users more reason to
sign up sooner rather than later, we witnessed the first pi coin veneration, where people all over
the world provided ideas of what they think or how they think pi could
evolve and what kind of apps should becoming.


Just recently pi
network introduced the brainstorming app. 
Where people can actually propose
ideas and pioneers like you and me
can vote on those ideas. So we actually will get pi apps where we can use our PI
, most likely even before phase
three of the pi network is introduced

And that’s another thing or another important news that happened during the last couple of months. According to the core
team we actually can expect to reach phase three within a year

So it’s likely that before 2022, we will be in phase three which means you will be able to use
your coins. And obviously, all of
those points are amazing news
because they prove that the PI core team
is actively working to get the project towards phase three to actually achieve value, but obviously, not everything that happened may have been
perceived as positive for example, when
pi was about to reach 10 million users the core team asked people in the PI app.

If the mining should stop or if the mining rate should behalf. And in my personal
opinion or at least from what I perceived from a lot of responses that I looked
at the majority of users actually wanted the mining to stop.

Now obviously it’s also possible that the sample size of
responses that I looked at were leaning heavily towards the stop mining option, whereas the overall consensus would have been to continue.

But anyway, I personally agree that the option or the
decision to have the mining rate
makes more sense, because if mining
would have stopped there would have been no further incentive for people to join now and existing users would have
lost interest in the app and once phase three reaches pi network would be
dead in the water with millions of inactive users.

So from my perspective, The way I see things are
going actually better than I would have expected back in August when I joined
the PI network.

Now I’ll definitely keep pressing the mining button, every
day until we reach phase three
because I cannot believe it but it’s likely that within less than a year since I signed up I will actually be able to
use some of my paying coins may be on
an internal marketplace.

Now the big question that’s left in this article is what
does this mean for you. If you haven’t signed
up for the pi network
you can still do so by clicking on the link below and
using the invitation code that you can find there.

Obviously, you won’t get as many coins as people that joined
earlier but you will still get coins
that you can use in face free all you have to do is press a button once every
24 hours to receive your free coins.


So here we are going to create a new PI NETWORK account online free
step by step so carefully follow these steps. Let’s go.

Now if you already signed
up for the pi network
. There’s also a few things that you have to do or should
check on your account. First of all, you should go into the main menu and there
to profile to check if you verified your
phone number successfully

If you use your phone number to sign up. If you however used
your Facebook account to sign up, you will see a green checkmark next to
Facebook, and you will not be able to and you don’t have to add your phone
number and verify it.

If you use your phone number, it’s important that you verify
it, or that you also link your Facebook account only one of those two things
has to be done.

If you don’t verify your account so if you have an
unverified phone number and no linked Facebook account, your coins will
eventually be deleted and your effort will have been for nothing.

In addition to that, while the pi network is working on introducing alternative KYC methods. The
current only way for you to complete the KYC process is by using a trusted
third party app called UT, so you can already go ahead and download it from the app store, and they’re simply set up your identity.

This will require you to take pictures of your face, and also enter your name birthday and
some other personal information, and then verify it by uploading a picture of a
government-issued ID.

Now obviously understand that some of you may have concerns
about uploading their ID and some of you may even claim that pi is just a scam to steal your data!.

But that’s quite easy to disprove if the pi network would want to steal your personal information like your ID,
then they would ask you in the PI app to upload your ID and your personal
information and they wouldn’t use a third-party service where they don’t ever
have access to your ID, because when pi network eventually provides you with
the pop-up and ask you to complete the KYC process, all that’s happening is pi the network is asking you to if you verified your identity so basically for proof
that you actually are who you say you are while at no time does provide pi
network with actual details of your government-issued ID

So to sum things up as an existing user to make sure that
you have a smooth transition into phase
and will actually be able to use your coins, you should check in your profile.

If your phone number has been verified, or if you link your
Facebook account. And make sure to prepare your UT account so you have a smooth
KYC process and can get everything done in just a few seconds.

And besides that. Another thing you can do is, in the pi network app go to the current brainstorming app and their review proposals for apps and app and
download them as to your liking.

So look at the app description or the proposed app
description, and then simply press upload or download to show your support for
an idea or to show that you don’t think in theory is actually suitable for pi network, that’s pretty much it for
today’s article.

 If you have any questions whatsoever just leave them in the
comments down below
, or take a look at the white paper and do our FAQ
within the pi network app or the pie Network

If you want to know what is the pi
network to USD then check out from here.

If you want to know
more latest news future updates
regarding pi network or other cryptocurrencies are projects that may deserve
your attention
follow this site.


Use my username (alexzone101) as your invitation code.

Conclude – Here we have learned how to create/register a new account in PI NETWORK on your Smartphone easily with
simple steps.  

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