BALLWIN, Mo. – Local organizations are helping raise money for millions of families in Pakistan who are homeless following historic flooding. 

“It hits home right here in Ballwin. This is how much this flood has affected us unfortunately,” said Adil Imdad. He attended a fundraiser Saturday to support people half a world away who are facing catastrophic flooding.

The death toll is more than 1,300. That number includes members of Imdad’s family. 

“They got caught in this huge flood that just poured into the valley and that’s where they were vacationing and unfortunately all five of them perished. So far they found four bodies,” said Imdad.

The United Nations said one-third of the country is underwater and millions of people are now homeless. 

“It’s so devastating to see water all over. People struggling to get out of the water, there is no food, there is no shelter and people dying because they can’t swim, especially children,” said Dr. Mohammad Tahir. 

The Association of Pakistani Physicians and the Islamic Foundation of Greater Saint Louis are two local 501 c(3) organizations that are raising money to help provide basic needs. 

“Food, clothes, shelters, and as soon as it recedes, then we’ll know. Anything anybody can donate, please. It’s a humanitarian crisis,” said Dr. Ghazala Hayat.

The goal, for now, is to raise money until organizations figure out the specific needs of the millions of families in Pakistan. 

“This is only the disaster and rescue relief phase. Then we will have the next phase that is more challenging the rehabilitation of so many, the millions of people that have been displaced and the reconstruction of so many structures that have been damaged,” said Tariq Karim.

To donate to families in need, click here.

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