ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Sneakerheads had the opportunity of a lifetime at Missouri’s biggest sneaker and clothing convention.

The Greater Sneaker Society hosted this event at the Bud Dome Saturday, August 6, from noon to 6 p.m. It was there where hundreds of attendees bought, sold, and traded items like sneakers, clothing, hats, exotic snacks, rugs, and more from 150 of the Midwest’s best resellers.

Host Jacob Burton spoke on the importance of hosting the event in St. Louis.

“The culture is there,” Burton said. “We don’t have a big platform to promote the kind of culture that we have in St. Louis so I thought it was important to show people it’s so much more to the town.”

Sneakers of course were one of the biggest selling points for the event, but snacks that aren’t seen every day, as well as networking opportunities, attracted several independent salesmen, buyers, and traders.

“Everybody loves snacks, especially ones from Great Britain and China that you can’t get every day,” Burton shared. “Shoe people might want a custom rug for their shoes. Artwork might be inspired by a shoe somebody’s wearing. Tons of inspiration comes out of this.”

A live $1 raffle took place where customers entered to win even more shoes, clothes, and food. There were also opportunities to meet with local barbers, tattoo artists, and sneaker reviews Youtuber, JumperMan Kris.

Many have waited for the chance to interact with fellow fashion fans but never knew about the process of buying, selling, and trading with resellers.

“A lot of our vendors are good and honest people and they’re willing to work,” Burton explained. “They want something that you might have or the vendor might have something to buy.”

For questions about future conventions, visit Greater Sneaker Society’s Instagram @greatersneakersociety, their Facebook page, or call 618-616-4029.

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