Lindsay Arnold (Allie, DAYS)
How did you find out you were nominated and how did you react? “I found out through our PR person, who called me and let me know. I completely forgot when the nominations were coming out. I was really excited. I was also relieved. I definitely wanted it this year. I was proud of the work that I submitted.”
What did you submit? “The scenes between Allie and Marlena when Allie was under hypnosis and remembered the true events of the night of her sexual assault. Most of my reel is those scenes. Then there are two other scenes. I submitted one with Bryan Dattilo [Lucas], where he tells me that Charlie is back out free. And I submitted Allie telling Tripp that she loves him for the first time, after this emotional encounter with Charlie, who was a zombie.”
How did you celebrate your nomination? “Raven [Bowens, Chanel], Victoria [Konefal, Ciara] and our friend Mariah surprised me with flowers and balloons and champagne. Originally I thought I was just going out for drinks and celebrating with Raven. Then I came outside my apartment, and it was all three of them. They were sitting on one of our friend’s cars. They had made a sign that came off the back of it that said, Just Nominated, like the Just Married sign. We popped champagne in the street. It was really fun and so sweet. We went out later, and Lucas [Adams, Tripp] met us.”
What are you most looking forward to about Emmy night? “I’m looking forward to finally participating in something in person. I joined the show in February 2020 and have literally gotten to do nothing — none of the fan events or anything like that. Because, obviously, everything has been on Zoom.”

Nicholas Chavez (Spencer, GH)
A year ago, you’d never even been on TV, and now, you’re an Emmy nominee! “It is a paradigm shift of epic proportions and I could not be more grateful to the people in my life who have supported me and the collaborators I’ve gotten to work with at GH who have helped me realize this dream. I’m still processing this, honestly. It feels surreal!”
How did your family react? “My dad called me on FaceTime with my stepmom right after they revealed the nominations on THE TALK, and they were so proud. Then I called my mom because moms need to know these kinds of things and she was in tears, super-happy. It was a pretty emotional day for my whole family.”
What does the nomination mean to you? “There is a feeling of catharsis that comes as a result of seeing a lot of really hard nights and doubt-filled thoughts and overcoming obstacles paying off. It’s really, really nice. It’s crazy to think about. Having my work recognized in this way is, quite literally, a dream that has come true.”
Are you excited to be in the category with your OG “Sprina” partner, Sydney Mikayla? “Oh, my God, yes! When the nominations came out, I commented on her Instagram, ‘It’s a beautiful day in the “Sprina” fandom, indeed!’ She is so gifted and I miss her dearly and I’m so excited that she, William [Lipton, Cameron] and I get to go to the Emmys together! It’s so fun!”
How do you feel about attending your first Emmys? “The last awards show I went to was my high school theater banquet at a golf course in Denver, CO. So, this is a big step up for me [laughs]. I’ve also never worn a tuxedo before! It’s going to be a lot of firsts, and I just want to soak it in and enjoy the whole process.”

Alyvia Alyn Lind (ex-Faith, Y&R)
How did you find out about your nomination? “I was in Canada and couldn’t get live TV! I knew the nominations were coming out, so my mom was in New York watching CBS with a bunch of our friends, and they were all crossing their fingers. They called me when they got the good news and we celebrated on Zoom!”
What did you submit for consideration? “I loved putting my reel together this year because the writers gave Faith such a great emotional arc. As an actress I have dealt with a lot of online bullying, so I felt very close to this storyline. My reel also shows the repercussions of drinking and driving and how you can get through anything with the support of a loving family. Faith has obviously been through a lot in her young life. But I have always felt that through every hardship, she has grown emotionally. I’ve loved every minute of Faith’s journey.”
What do you think about the other nominees in your category? “I don’t like to call them competition. I’m so impressed with all of the nominees. I have worked in all different kinds of media and being on a soap is such hard work. There is so much dialogue and only one chance to get it right. And soap actors are always prepared and completely on it and always have such great attitudes. I’m really proud of the years I spent on Y&R.”
Will you be at the awards ceremony? “I’m working in Toronto right now but I’m doing everything I can to get on that plane and attend the ceremony! I’m looking at dresses and jewelry and shoes right now and I’m so excited! I’m just happy to be celebrating my nomination with my Y&R family!”

William Lipton (Cameron, GH)
How did you get the news? “Nomination day slipped my mind because I was in the thick of finals season at the end of my semester. I had just had a long call with my mom, and I love my mom very much, but when she called me back five minutes later, I was like, ‘Mom, I can’t spend all day talking to you!’ She was like, ‘William! You got nominated!’ It was a great way to find out.”
What does it mean to you to get your second nod? “It’s just an honor to be able to represent [GH] once more at the Emmys. It’s such a fun, team experience to be there, rooting for the show that we’re all so passionate about. For me, that’s the most meaningful part.”
How do you feel about being nominated opposite two of your GH castmates? “I called up Sydney [Mikayla] and Nicholas [Chavez] right away and we had a lovely chat. We’re so super-happy for each other and I’m just excited that I get to see Sydney at the Emmys because I miss her a lot.”
Do you think you’ll be nervous on Emmy night? “I don’t think so, because I feel like I’ve already won. Anything else is like a cherry on top. Just being nominated is such an honor, so whatever the outcome, I will still be super-satisfied.”
Will you prepare a speech? “Last time around, I was kind of forced into writing a speech. The same thing will probably happen this year, not because I think I’m going to win, but because if that scenario does happen, I don’t want to miss out on thanking any of the people who’ve really helped me out.”
If you won, where would your Emmy go? “I think a dorm is a little too chaotic of a place for such a beautiful item, so it would probably go in my room at my folks’ place.”

Sydney Mikayla (ex-Trina, GH)
Last year, you learned you were nominated on the day of your senior prom. How did it happen this time? “Not as fun, unfortunately. It was a lot more casual this year. I still talk to my makeup artist from GH and we were catching up and I was like, ‘How is your dog?’ and she goes, ‘Good, and by the way, congratulations.’ I woke up both of my roommates in my dorm and I was like, ‘I just got nominated for an Emmy!’ Then Avery [Pohl, Esme] texted me, ‘Congrats, Miss Two-Time Nominee!’ It was so sweet.”
It’s pretty neat that you’re nominated alongside two of your closest friends from the show. “Oh, definitely! I called William [Lipton] and Nicholas [Chavez] as soon as I heard. I told Nicholas, ‘Wow, your first acting job and your first Emmy nomination?!’ I’m so proud of him.”
What does scoring this nomination mean to you? “It’s really such an honor and I appreciate all the fans of the show and my family at GH. It really means a lot to wrap up my time on GH this way. It’s quite literally insane. No other word for it. What an incredible three-year journey. All the opportunities and doors the show opened for me, I will forever be grateful for.”
What are you looking forward to about the big night? “Everything! I’m excited to actually enjoy my first real, in-person awards show. I can’t wait to be sitting there with the other nominees with my fingers crossed.”
Will you prepare a speech? “I will. I’m not too keen on just flying by the seat of my pants. It’s my personality to want to plan things out.”
If you won, would you keep your Emmy in your dorm room? “Good question! No, I would absolutely not keep my Emmy in my dorm room. I love the idea, love college, but no.”

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