ST. LOUIS — Many people ring in the new year with a champagne toast. Then there are the New Year’s resolutions. Maybe one of them could drink less.

A new public health movement gaining popularity in the U.S. is called “dry January.” It takes an entire month to abstain from alcohol. Doctors say alcohol consumption has risen dramatically since the pandemic, making Dry January more important this year.

Moderate consumption of alcohol can have lots of health benefits. Dr. Carrie Mintz, a psychiatrist, says recent data is showing us that no amount of alcohol has significant health benefits, and that consuming alcohol, even in small amounts, regularly may be harmful to our health.

Even when you abstain from alcohol for even a month, there might be benefits for your blood pressure, your body’s ability to control insulin levels, and also improvements in weight.
Studies show that cutting out alcohol for a month can lower cholesterol and reduce cancer-related proteins in the blood.


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