ST. LOUIS – One man was killed and three other people were injured early Friday morning in a shooting at a north St. Louis bar. 

Police said the shooting happened just before 3 a.m. at a bar called The Sweet Timez Bar located at Dr. Martin Luther King Drive and Union. Investigators believe approximately 25 shots were fired in total inside and outside of the bar.

The Commander of the St. Louis Police Homicide Unit, Lieutenant Jesse Harris, said some sort of fight started inside of the bar. It then spilled outside, and that is when the gunfire started.

Harris said the body of the man who was killed was found inside the bar. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Harris said the other three people who were shot suffered non-life threatening injuries and took themselves to the hospital.

At this point, Harris does not know what caused the fight.

Harris said it is possible there are other victims because so many shots were fired, but they have only confirmed the four victims.

Investigators are also still trying to figure out how many people were shooting during the altercation.

No suspects are in custody.


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