David Chang, the celebrity chef who founded the Michelin-starred Momofuku restaurant, isn’t a big fan of Costco’s rotisserie chicken.

“I got a hot take,” Chang said during this week’s edition of “The David Chang Show” podcast.

“I think the Costco chicken is the worst rotisserie chicken,” he said.

“They’re not good. They’re not seasoned.” 

Chang continued: “The reason why it’s important to have it properly seasoned is, you might eat it the next day cold — and it’s gotta taste good cold.”

“And there’s something about all the nitrates and all the crap they pump into that chicken that makes that chicken breast even more disgusting the next day when it’s cold… It’s inedible. It really is.”

The Post has sought comment from Costco.

Chang said that the $4.99 price point makes it attractive for some buyers.

“If I was like a weightlifter on Atkins [diet] then I would just be buying that non-stop,” he said.

Chang, 45, is the famed restaurateur behind the Michellin-starred Momofuku restaurant group.
Chang, 45, is the famed restaurateur behind the Michellin-starred Momofuku restaurant group.
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Chang also complained that while shopping at Costco, he had to buy two chickens even though he only wanted one.

While he needed to pay just $25, which is the price of a single chicken in the average supermarket, Chang said the packaging left something to be desired.

“When I got home, I realized they were packaged in one giant package together,” he said.

Chang said he planned to cook one and put the other one in the freezer, but the clean-up involved forced him to reconsider. He eventually decided to freeze both chickens.

“Once you pop open that plastic it’s going to be a geyser of chicken juice all over the place,” Chang said.

Chang said that Costco's rotisserie chicken is "not good" because "they're not seasoned."
Chang said that one reason Costco’s rotisserie chickens are “not good” is because “they’re not seasoned.”
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“You know what’s going to happen,” he said.

“This is when I know I’m turning into my mom. I will buy a fresh chicken before I use those two frozen chickens.”

Chang added: “This is a dilemma, and this is why, as a developed country, we’re all going to perish into hell.” 

The restaurateur did praise Costco’s brisket, which he bought for $49 but would have gladly paid $149.

“If you bought that at Whole Foods, it would be 150 bucks,” Chang said.

Costco has sought to keep costs down during a period of record-high inflation. Last year, the company adhered to its plan to keep its hot dog and soda combination at an affordable $1.50.

Chang, however, was critical of the fact that Costco does not offer its shoppers bags during their visit to their stores.

“That’s the equivalent of going to a restaurant with no silverware,” he said.


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