ST. LOUIS — This morning, MODOT is most concerned about the harsh cold and wind. Fox2News meteorologist John Fuller, on the other hand, claims 40 miles per hour is expected today. Wind gusts will make driving dangerous on the roadways until around noon today.

And road crews have been watching the roads on these monitors here at Modot’s headquarters. The St. Louis area didn’t get much snow, but the wind gusts are a struggle. Snowfall impairs visibility.

Wind gusts are also a serious issue for huge vehicles such as tractor trailers. The high gusts have made it difficult for some drivers to retain control.

This morning’s wind chills range from -25 to 35 degrees. Windchills haven’t been this low since 1989, according to our meteorologists. Modot’s director, Patrick McKenna, is telling crews not to put chemicals on the road due to the bitter cold.

He claims that in these conditions, the best thing to do is not apply anything since they don’t want to melt anything because it freezes up rapidly after the initial melt.

The interstates are the department’s primary priority this morning.

Mckenna says: “the snow totals themselves aren’t so bad but the snow is going to be blowing around and coming up off the ground”


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