TOWN AND COUNTRY, Mo. – Two days of quiet weather have given St. Louis some time to prepare for snow and an arctic blast. That’s just what road crews around the area have been doing.

On Thursday, December 22, there will be snow and a big drop in temperature. The Missouri Department of Transportation is ready for this. They will focus on interstates first before switching to secondary roads. Snow is bad enough, but the bitter cold creates an extra challenge.

“When those temperatures drop like that, our chemicals don’t work as well,” said Bob Becker, district maintenance engineer for MoDOT’s St. Louis District. “So, it takes slower, longer time for that to be effective.”

In the St. Louis area, has pre-treated roads with salt brine in advance of the snow.

“It’s going to be above freezing when it first starts. So, any opportunity we have to keep that from bonding or sticking so that when it does start snowing, we can push off the road easier,” Becker said.

MoDOT urges you to stay home on Thursday. If you have to go somewhere, you’re advised to leave early, drive slowly, and stay alert.

Municipal crews are preparing for the incoming weather as well. In the city of Manchester, MO, crews spent Wednesday, Dec. 21 getting their trucks ready.

“We’ve already started filling our trucks with salt,” said Manchester Public Works Director Errol Tate. “Our plows are on, our spreaders are on, and our guys are ready to go.”

They are asking folks to park off the streets. That is going to help them help you.

“Our major concern is getting those cars off the roads so that our plows can fit down municipal streets,” Tate explained.

Manchester Police are also preparing. Chief Scott Will shared that his officers are ready to assist as needed during the storm.

“We’ll be out looking for folks that are having problems,” Will said. “And, of course, they should call us if they are having problems, and we’ll be happy to come out and give them a hand.”

Chief Will added that you should prepare as if you will get stuck in the snow and have things with you that will keep you safe, like an extra blanket, food and water, and a full gas tank.


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