MONROE COUNTY, MO. — A Missouri man’s affair ended with the death of his fiancée. The trial was carried by Court TV and the story is now the subject of several true-crime features.

ABC’s 20/20 featured a Missouri true crime case in January 2022. The full episode is available on Hulu and online. The episode is called, “I Now Pronounce You Dead.”

On a Friday night in April 2018, Glen McSparren was driving home from his mother’s house in Monroe County, Missouri, when he noticed an automobile pulled over to the side.

The road was a dark, backwoods gravel road surrounded by woods, with a brook running across it. As he came closer, McSparren noticed someone lying in the road.

McSparren had discovered the body of Molly Watson, 35. She had been shot in the back of the head from close range once. He claimed that when he dialed 911, he was advised to check for a pulse, but he already knew she was dead.

James Addie and Mollie Watson

When police initiated an investigation, they ruled out a botched heist. Watson was discovered wearing her engagement ring. There were tire impressions all over the crime scene that matched Addie’s.

A marriage license with her and her fiancée’s names on it was discovered in the car. The man’s name is 51-year-old James Addie. Their wedding was set to take place two days after her body was discovered.

Watson enjoyed singing, making costumes, and posting video diaries on YouTube, according to her family. She was anxious to marry Addie and had purchased two wedding dresses because she couldn’t pick one.

This would have been Watson’s second marriage. Her first marriage was annulled, but she got pregnant during the split. Following that, she was in a romantic relationship with a former childhood friend, Amber Brady, which lasted roughly five years.

While they were living together, Watson took a new job at the Moberly Area Correctional Center. That is where she met Addie, a corrections officer. Brady claimed she found the two of them together at a motel.

Molly’s brother, Tim Watson, stated in an ABC article that Molly was “totally, completely in love” with Addie, who had been married four times.

After seven years of dating, Addie proposed to Watson, and the couple began planning their wedding for April 2018.

Police soon discovered that James Addie was living a double life, and he was charged with murder. It is evident that Addie murdered Molly Watson. Watson’s body was recovered beside a creek bed at the beginning of 2018.

They had an affair behind closed doors for seven years before she died tragically two days before their wedding. Addie had been married to his wife for 20 years, but he was cheating on her. She had no idea.

On April 29, 2021, a jury found Addie guilty on all counts. A jury found Addie guilty of first-degree murder and criminal use of a firearm in Watson’s killing after a trial. In July, he was sentenced to life in jail without the possibility of parole.


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