CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – Cities throughout the St. Louis region vote on whether to add a recreational marijuana sales tax to the April ballot.

The Chesterfield City Council voted Tuesday to table a potential marijuana sales tax indefinitely as a separate “use tax,” which will be up for a vote soon.

The city of Brentwood voted to move forward with the sales tax.

Starting in February, anyone 21 or older can legally grow, if licensed, purchase, or sell recreational marijuana in Missouri.

Amendment 3 was voted in during the November midterm elections. It requires a 6 percent sales tax statewide with an additional 3 percent locally for each city that approves putting it on the ballot in April.

Chesterfield isn’t the only city discussing an additional tax. This includes the city of St. Louis as well as nine other cities in our area, such as Ballwin, Festus, Florissant, Kirkwood, Manchester, O’Fallon, Richmond Heights, and St. Ann.

The tax money would be used for a variety of city programs. Currently, Chesterfield only has one dispensary, Hippo’s, a local chain throughout the state.

No city sales tax makes the experience cheaper for a wave of customers looking to buy recreationally in a matter of weeks.

“We think we’ll see a big advantage with that when customers realize there’s more of a selection in Missouri, there’s better pricing in Missouri,” said Nick Rinella, CEO of Hippo’s. “We’d like to think that there’s better product here as well.”

“It’s just a bad economic move at the moment, stuff is already high enough,” said Andrew Stealman, a customer. “We don’t need it going any higher.”

The deadline for ballot certification is on Jan. 24. The St. Charles County Council will vote on the tax on Thursday.


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