ST. LOUIS — A Washington festival, to start later this month, promotes literacy also encourages reading.

The Missouri book festival is coming up next weekend in Washington, Missouri. Carolyn Miller is an author that wrote a book about “Lily”, a true story of Courage and the Joplin tornado.

“Lily” celebrates the bond between humans and animals, Miller said. “This is a book about the search and rescue dog and her owner that came to help after the Joplin tornado.”

Miller said that the book is about helpers and the people who come in after a natural disaster. She highlights in her book; that when something bad happens, the community comes together and helps their neighbors to get back on their feet.

Miller hopes that these books help kids to not be afraid of first responders who are trying to help them in disasters.

“When I read the book to school kids, I have them point out the helpers,” said Miller. “The firefighters and the EMT’s and the people who come to help. Then a cute dog.”

The Missouri book festival will be held in Washington on Aug. 26 and 27.

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