JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – One Missouri lawmaker has introduced a bill that would ban transgender athletes from participating in organized school sports on girls’ teams.

State Sen. Justin Brown (R-16th District) introduced SB 87, also known as the “Save Women’s Sports Act.” According to the bill, anyone not assigned female at birth would be prevented from “sports or athletic competitions, tournaments, and games intended for individuals under the age of nineteen” for girls’ teams at schools.

The bill would call on every sponsor of youth sports teams to designate a team, game or competition as “exclusively males, exclusively females, or intramural.” An intramural designation would mean all genders could participate in a specific sport. A violation of the bill would allow any team opponent to “recover damages and equitable relief,” according to the bill.

Sen. Brown, in an announcement Thursday via his Facebook page, didn’t address SB 87, but noted “it will be a couple of weeks before we know our committee assignments and the work of considering bills and resolutions can begin.”

The Missouri State High School Activities Association has had its current policy on transgender participation in sports in effect since 2012, which requires an application to be approved for such individuals to play.

At least one Missouri lawmaker has countered with legislation taking a different stance on LGBTQ rights in the state. State Rep. Doug Mann (D – 50th District) introduced a bill that would allow Missouri schools to teach history about the roles and contributions of the LGBTQ community to students.


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