There’s always an occasion promote bitcoin — the repeal of Roe v. Wade, for example.

On Sunday, crypto billionaire Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Investment, chimed in on the polarizing Supreme Court ruling that reversed the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, sparking mass protests across the nation.

“The fact that all the Trump Supreme Court appointees misled Senators in their confirmation hearings will do far more long term damage to the court than any leak ever could,” Novogratz tweeted on Sunday. “If you can’t trust the top judges in the land who can you trust?”

But to the befuddlement of crypto enthusiasts and detractors alike, Novogratz took it upon himself to add, “Everything is political. Except $BTC.”

“Using the overturning of Roe v. Wade to shill bitcoin… very classy,” one follower responded. Another chimed in, “This may well be the worst/most opportunistic s**tcoin pump of all time.”

mike novogratz
Novogratz was slammed for appearing tone-deaf on Twitter.
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Yet another called the post “legendary” for its “pivot at the end of this tweet…Bitcoin bros are unmatched.”

In a comment to The Post, Novogratz said of his Tweet, “The link is privacy. Freedom.”

The tweet comes just a month after Novogratz apologized for hyping cryptocurrency Luna which went belly-up and cost some investors hundreds of thousands of dollars. Novogratz, who earlier this year got a tattoo in honor of Luna and claimed he was “King Lunatic” for his love of the coin, eventually admitted the cryptocurrency was “a big idea that failed.”

The price of Bitcoin, meanwhile, has cratered from an all time high of $68,000 to the lowest level in a year — just around $20,000. Amid the carnage, Novogratz has been dealing with the wrath of investors — some of whom lost their homes during the market bloodbath.

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