FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, Ill. – Three people are behind bars after police impeded a smash-and-grab theft at one Metro East store.

The Fairview Heights Police Department has not disclosed the date, time or location of the theft, but notes that police found a large amount of heroin and two loaded pistols while investigating.

Officers responded to the situation at a local retail store after noticing a vehicle on camera that was wanted by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Police then entered the store as two suspects looked to escape. One suspect was tased inside the store. Another suspect was tased just outside the store. A third suspect, outside during the thefts, was also arrested.

Police say two of the three suspects had outstanding warrants out for their arrest. One officer suffered minor injuries while responding.

“The proactive nature of the first officer most certainly prevented a violent incident happening to a citizen. All officers showed an immense amount of restraint, deescalation and professionalism in taking these three career criminals into custody. This was teamwork at its best,” said Fairview Heights Police Chief Steve Johnson via Facebook.


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