ST. LOUIS – A Mehlville School District band teacher is a two-day Jeopardy! Champion!

Mrs. Emily Fiasco, an assistant band director at Buerkle Middle Bobcats and Washington Middle School Mehlville, won Wednesday’s episode and Thursday’s episode.

On Wednesday, she wagered it all on the Final Jeopardy question and was the only contestant to deliver the correct answer. She finished with $28,000. On Thursday, she and one other contestant answered Final Jeopardy correctly, but she finished with a higher dollar amount thus crowning her the winner. Her total winnings from the two days are now at $53,201.

The school district took to social media to congratulate her. Fiasco is also a member of the 2007 Mehlville High School graduating class.

Winning Jeopardy once is amazing. Winning Jeopardy twice is INCREDIBLE! Mrs. Emily Fiasco successfully defended her title of Jeopardy Champion by blowing away the competition today. She’ll be back tomorrow to defend her crown and attempt to finish the week as the champion! Way to go!

On Thursday, Fiasco competed against shelter veterinarian Mark Primiano and lawyer Anjali Bhat. Fiasco led the field at the end of the first round with $5,400. Primiano had $4,000, and Bhat had $2,200. The first round categories were The Founding Fathers, Earth, TV Shows by Episode Title, Units of Measure, Terrible Supervillain Names, and That’s Cold.

The second-round categories were River Names, Literary Castles, Romance Languages, The Winds of Pop Culture, I Know What You Did, and 4 of the Same Letter. Fiasco extended her lead and finished the second round with $14,000. Primiano had $8,000, and Bhat had $12,600.

In Final Jeopardy, Bhat answered incorrectly. She wagered her total earnings up to that point and went home with nothing. Primiano and Fiasco answered correctly. Primiano finished with $15,500, while Fiasco finished with $25,201. Fiasco’s total earnings came to $53,201.

The Final Jeopardy question was, “Maybe surprisingly, in 1918 this new leader was the first to recognize the independence of Finland.” The answer was “Who is Vladimir Lenin?”

Fiasco will compete in Friday’s episode against two new players.

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